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Sophocles with a Twist

February 4, 2013 by Editor in On Campus with 0 Comments

By Sarah Vistocco ’13

sophoclesThe countless hours that cast and crew devoted to their craft last fall shone through their engaging performances of “Anti Gone Today.” Siena College’s creative arts department and theatre club Stage III produced a successful show that put a new spin on the classic play. Stage III is composed of many seasoned student thespians as well as first-time actors. Regardless of experience, the cast blended perfectly in this adaptation of the Greek tragedy. Together with production assistants, costume designers and scene shop workers they brought the world of “Antigone” to life and integrated the audience into the story.

The set used light and darkness to evoke the struggle between good and evil and, more importantly, how one chooses which course to follow. The audience was placed in a circle around the stage that filled the center of a small room, giving the actors the ability to address audience members directly throughout the play.

Director, producer and Professor of Creative Arts Mahmood Karimi-Hakak, S.E.D., realized the relevance of the play and began reworking both the language and structure to connect with today’s audience. “I don’t believe in reconstructing a myth; I believe in re-creating it,” Karimi-Hakak said. He integrated tapes of speeches from President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to add current references and dialogue that could be easily understood by audience members.

“Anti Gone Today” is Karimi-Hakak’s last collaboration with Stage III this year, but the creative arts department will be presenting two more shows, “The Children’s Hour” and “Spike Heels.”

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