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Electing to Participate

February 4, 2013 by Editor in On Campus with 0 Comments

By Lexi Palma ’13

electingWith the 2012 presidential election approaching, Siena students immersed themselves in the voting process. Siena’s Student Senate tried to ensure that as many Siena students as possible voted in this year’s election. Senate President Cassandra Jane Werking ’13 said the group sponsored voter registration and absentee ballot drives.

“We feel that it is our duty to inspire our students to get involved politically in the real world,” Werking said. “It is important that they know how to take advantage of their civic duty to vote and why it is vital to be knowledgeable about the events and governing processes that affect our everyday lives.”

This was the first time many students were eligible to cast a ballot.

“I voted this year,” said political science major Alicia Munian ’15. “Your college years are the perfect time to start getting involved. I loved that Cialis Siena gave the students so much help with the voter registration tables.”

Students also gathered in “The Norm,” a room in Serra Hall, to watch the presidential debates between the incumbent, President Barack Obama, a democrat, and his republican challenger, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The economics department hosted a panel discussion to help students become more informed.

“The economy was the major focus of the 2012 election and it was important that voters understood what the issues were, why they matter and how and if the candidates planned to address those issues,” said Assistant Professor of Economics Aaron Pacitti, Ph.D. “Many of these issues currently facing the country—student debt, job opportunities, income inequality and wage growth—are going to directly affect college students in the next few years, so it is imperative that they be educated on matters of public policy that will shape their life.”

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