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Creative Arts Students Showcase Work in Troy

February 4, 2013 by Editor in On Campus with 0 Comments

By Chelsea Platt ’13

creatroyWhat does a city look like from a stranger’s perspective? Visitors to the Invitational Art Exhibit, “South Troy Through Outsider Eyes,” had the opportunity to see what struck five Siena student-artists, none of them Troy natives, when they first encountered the Collar City.

“I’m very proud of the work my students have created. It speaks of the strength of the creative arts at Siena that our students would be invited to participate in this exhibition,” said Scott Foster, M.F.A., assistant professor of studio art. Jim Lewis, the gallerist who curated the exhibit, had approached Foster about selecting students to contribute their creations to the show. “He recognized the strength of our student work and asked us to exhibit at a venue that has showcased many prominent local and regional artists.”

The venue was Carmen’s Café, a cozy location where Foster and five of his students spoke with curious visitors about their work. The Siena students who participated were Eden Alaxanian ’13, Allison Clarke ’13, Olivia Fay ’13, Emily Gustin ’13 and Britney MacKinnon ’14.

The students began their artistic process by conducting research on the South Troy community through iconography, history and personal experience. Foster established scale requirements in order to give the exhibit a sense of unity among the different pieces, but the students’ media and foci were very diverse.

As the students learned about Troy, the visitors to their exhibit learned about them as well.

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